Artigo 19 – Vol. 6 N. 3

Synthesis, Characterization and Thermoanalytical Studies of Neodymium Norfloxacinate

Rafael de Godoi Machado, Patrícia Osório Ferreira, Caroline Gaglieri, Flávio Junior Caires
Recebido em
 27 de Agosto de 2017
Aceito em
 10 de Setembro de 2017
Publicado em
 30 de Setembro de 2017
Norfloxacinate, Neodymium, Thermal analysis



The neodymium complex with the ligand norfloxacin was synthesized in the solid state. Characterization and thermal behavior of the compounds were performed employing X-ray diffractometry (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Simultaneous Thermogravimetry/Derivate Thermogravimetric-Differential Thermal Analysis (TG/DTG-DTA). From the TG/DTG-DTA curves, it was possible to determine the minimum formula ([Nd(Nor)3]6H2O), thermal stability and thermal decomposition steps. XRD showed that the complex was obtained with low crystallinity and analysis of the main bands of the IR spectrum it was possible to suggest the probable sites of coordination of the ligand to the neodymium ion.
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