Artigo 22 – Vol. 6 N. 4


Non-isothermal kinetic study of andiroba and babassu oils

Aniele de Moura, Caroline Gaglieri, Rafael Turra Alarcon, Patrícia Osório Ferreira, Aroldo Geraldo Magdalena, Gilbert Bannach
Recebido em
 10 de Novembro de 2017
Aceito em
 10 de Dezembro de 2017
Publicado em
 15 de Dezembro de 2017
Andiroba oil; Babassu oil; non-isothermal kinetic studies, thermogravimetry, vegetable oil kinetic



Andiroba and babassu trees are commonly found in the north and northeast of Brazil. Vegetable oils can be obtained from their nuts, and both oils can be used in the cosmetics industry and have potential for use as biodiesel. According to the results obtained by TG-DTA analysis, the thermal stability of the andiroba and babassu oils were 222.8 °C and 232.6 °C, respectively. Using kinetic studies, the models that showed best fit were diffusional (An) for andiroba oil, and the autocatalytic (Cn B) for babassu oil. This indicates that the extraction method may influence the different decomposition mechanism in these vegetable oils. The lifetime study found that the both vegetable oils were highly stable at 37.0 °C; however, at 150 °C their lifetime decreases more than 99.0%
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