Artigo 29 – Vol. 7 N. 1

Thermal behavior and thermal decomposition of some alkaline earth phthalate and terephthalate in dynamic dry air atmosphere: A comparative study

Aline Rosa Fernandes, Felipe Malheiros Chaves, João Paulo Santos, Bruna Araújo Costa, Wilham Donizette Nunes, Elias Y. Ionashiro
Recebido em
 26 de Fevereiro de 2018
Aceito em
 08 de Março de 2018
Publicado em
 15 de Março de 2018
earth metals, terephthalate, phthalate, thermal behaviour



Coordination compounds of some alkali earth metals (Mg2+, Ca+2, Sr2+ and Ba2+) with phthalate and terephthalate ML (where M = Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+ and L = phthalate and terephthalate), have been synthesized and characterized employing complexometry, simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry (TG-DSC), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), TG coupled to FTIR. On heating, the dehydration occurs in a single, two and three steps except for barium compound which were obtained in the anhydrous state. Thermal decomposition of the anhydrous compounds occurs in a single or two consecutive and/or overlapping steps, with formation of carbonate as intermediary and oxide as final residue for Mg, Ca and Sr and carbonate for barium compounds. The thermal decomposition of the organic matter occurred with formation of CO2, water and an unidentified organic compound as main gaseous products. The results also led to information about the stoichiometry, thermal behavior and the type of coordination of the isolated compounds.
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